12 Oct 2021

Workplace injuries in 1H 2021 comparable to pre-Covid levels

• In the first half of 2021(1H 2021), the workplace injury rate has risen to be comparable to pre-Covid levels in 2H 2019. The trend was in line with the gradual resumption of workplace activities since the second quarter of 2020. 

• To prevent injuries, we re-emphasise our call to the industry to prioritise workplace safety and health (WSH) for any ongoing works that are carried out. 

• We urge employers to ensure that control measures are reviewed periodically and that workers follow safe work procedures.

Manufacturing and Construction continue to see most fatal and major injuries
• In 1H 2021, Manufacturing saw 84 fatal and major injuries while Construction contributed 68 fatal and major injuries, comparable to pre-Covid levels in 2H 2019.

• The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) mounted ‘Operation Roadrunner’ targeting Transport & Storage, Manufacturing and Construction.

• Under this operation, which will last for two months commencing from 4 October, 400 workplaces will be inspected focusing on vehicular safety and traffic management plans within the workplace.  

Slips, Trips & Falls (STFs) remained the top cause for major injuries 

• More than one in three (36%) major injuries that occurred in 1H 2021 involved STFs.

• The WSH Council launched the STF Campaign in June 2021 to educate employers and workers on the prevention of STF injuries. 

• MOM will also continue to identify and promote technology solutions, such as slip meters, use of AI wearables, and vision analytics to detect and reduce STF accidents.   

Download the WSH Statistic infographic here.

Download the MOM’s Press Release and the WSH Statistics Report here.