25 May 2021

A revised ConSASS checklist, scorecard, interview sheets and user guide 2020 are now available for public download.

In June 2020, the ConSASS Review Workgroup completed the first draft revision. Following in September 2020, 10 construction worksites comprising a mix of civil and structural works were selected to be trial audited using the new ConSASS 2020. The trials aimed to gather feedback and comments from the industry and WSH Auditors. Thereafter, further refinement of the checklist, scorecard and interview sheets were carried out. 

The ConSASS was last reviewed in 2013.

Key Revisions to the ConSASS checklist
The principles of the ConSASS audit remain the same where graduations to higher bands reflect the increasing maturity of the elements. Each band is still required to satisfy at least 70% of the questions within each band. 

A summary of the key revisions to the ConSASS checklist is as follows:
Number of System Elements is increased from 17 to 20, in alignment with ISO 45001;
Number of bands is decreased from 4 to 3, to place lesser focus on documentation checks;
Number of questions is reduced from 348 to 204 (reduction of 41.1%);
Added focus on the implementation of WSH practices, with percentage of questions on implementation increased from 37.9% to 50.9% of total questions; and 
Addition of new questions aligned to WSH 2028 recommendations (Ownership, Health and Technology), Design for Safety, Near Miss Reporting etc.

Transition to the new ConSASS to take effect on 1 October 2021
The deadline for the industry to transit to the new ConSASS is 1 October 2021. From now to 30 September 2021, accredited SAC -AOs can opt to use either the current or the new ConSASS. However from 1 October 2021 onwards, only the new ConSASS is allowed.  This has been made known to all accredited SAC-AOs via two briefings conducted on 10 and 14 May 2021. 

Conversion Matrix to convert new 3-Band to 4-Band scorings
As the new ConSASS will be reduced from 4 to 3 Bands, the entering of scores by accredited SAC-AOs in MOM’s eServices portal will be affected as the latter will still be based on the current 4-Band structure. The Workgroup has created a conversion matrix to convert the new 3-Band scorings to 4-Band scorings for the purpose of entering the scores into MOM’s eServices portal.
Download the ConSASS checklist 2020, interview sheet 2020, scorecard, conversion matrix, user guide 2020 and the accredited SAC-AOs briefing slides on 10 and 14 May 2021. 

The existing ConSASS documents are still available at MOM website 

About the ConSASS Review Workgroup
With the introduction of ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and coupled with the development of WSH 2028 tripartite strategies, the industry-led ConSASS Review workgroup was formed in March 2019 under the ambit of the WSH Council (Construction and Landscape) Committee to review and update ConSASS to be aligned with ISO45001.