26 Apr 2021

In the coming weeks, heavy showers and strong winds are forecasted for Singapore. (source: Meteorological Service Singapore).
Wet weather and windy conditions can pose additional workplace risks for workers, especially those working in outdoor environments. These include lightning; electrical risks; slips, trips, and falls; falls from heights; and struck by falling objects.
Employers must ensure that workers are aware of these risks and take measures to protect themselves. These measures include:
Taking shelter in dry sheltered areas e.g., inside a building;
Not using power tools in the rain or under wet conditions;
Avoiding work at heights until the weather improves;
Looking out for slip and trip hazards, especially in wet work areas; and
Wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (anti-fog eye protection, insulated gloves, safety boots, etc.)
Employers should keep themselves updated on the latest weather and ensure the environmental conditions are safe and conducive for work to be carried out safely by all workers. 
The myENV mobile app may be downloaded to access real-time and forecast information on the weather at your current location, flash flood alerts, air quality alerts, and more. Find out more about the myENV app at https://www.nea.gov.sg/myenv.